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SBH-PACT for Human Breast Imaging

Single-breath-hold photoacoustic computed tomography (SBH-PACT) is commercially available through CalPACT/UPT. It can reveal detailed angiographic structures in human breasts. SBH-PACT features a deep penetration depth (4 cm in vivo) with high spatial and temporal resolutions (255-µm in-plane resolution and a 10-Hz 2D frame rate). By scanning the entire breast within a single breath hold (~15 sec), a volumetric image can be acquired and subsequently reconstructed utilizing 3D backprojection with negligible breathing-induced motion artifacts. Imaged breast sizes range from B cup to DD cup (over 99% of the U.S. population has breast sizes of DD cup or smaller), and skin pigmentations range from light to dark. SBH-PACT shows tumors by revealing greater blood vessel densities associated with tumors. In addition to vessel imaging, the high imaging speed enables dynamic studies, such as photoacoustic elastography, which provides a second contrast for additional confirmation of tumors by showing less compliance.

Key Features of the Technology
  • Functional imaging

  • Painless imaging

  • Fast imaging

  • High spatial resolution

  • 100% safe (laser exposure within the ANSI safety limits)

  • No injection of contrast agent (required for CE-MRI)

  • No use of ionizing radiation (required for mammography)

  • No painful breast compression (required for mammography)

Product Specifications
  • Penetration depth: 4 cm

  • Spatial resolution: 0.25 mm in-plane

  • 2D temporal resolution: 10-Hz frame rate

  • 3D temporal resolution: 15 seconds for scanning the entire breast within a single breath hold

  • Laser exposure: <100 mJ/cm2 (Conformant to ANSI safety limit at 1064-nm wavelength)

  • Laser energy: >2 J/pulse (Distributed over the breast surface)

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